Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When Kell and I started Sisters Vegan back at the beginning of 2008, we had nooo idea how much fun we would have. We've met so many cool people, eaten so many yummy things, and been to so many great places.

But all good things come to an end, or in this case, a beginning (wait how does that work, I don't know just roll with it plzkthx). Kell and I have decided to move on up to our own projects for right now. She's right about to graduate from art school and start an amazingly successful career, and I'm applying to cooking school and trying to write a cookbook. Neither of us have as much free time as we used to, so for now, we're going to put Sisters Vegan on a bit of a hiatus.

We really, really appreciate all the love and kind words we've received over the past two years. It makes me so happy to see how we've both grown as vegans during that time, and how much more acceptance veganism has gained! It's practically fashionable!

If you'd like to follow either of us on our continuing (mis)adventures, you can check out Kelly's artblog at, and you can check out Meg's new vegan cooking blog at

See you around, and happy veganing!