Friday, February 5, 2010


We haven't blogged in FOREVER. Eeps. Sorry. That's going to change soon. Mostly it's because I used to do all my blogging while at work (productive use of company resources mmmyes), and now I've changed positions and am super fucking busy during the day, and pooped when I get home. I promise though, we'll be better. XO!

Well with that out of the way, I wanted to point y'all in the direction of some awesome things going on this month.

Vegan valentines

First of all, on February 12th there's this awesome Vegan Valentine's Dance thingy being put on by a bunch of great people and featuring food from TONS OF PEOPLE including the fabulous ladies at both Sugar Beat Sweets and Fat Bottom Bakery! The price is a little steep but you get lots of free shit and since everyone vegan in the Bay Area knows each other, you're bound to see at least a couple peeps and guzzle beer at the same time! Also I've been to a different event in that same building, and I gotta say, the Brower Center is like California in that it knows how to party. It's pretty and big and super awesome.

SF vegan bakesale

Speaking of Valentine's Day and baked goods, the next San Francisco Vegan Bakesale is the following day, February 13th! Come stock up on sweets for your honey agavebunny, as Valentine's is the NEXT DAY FOOLS ack ack I totally have no idea what to get my BF, ideas plz!!!!! I'm probably going to bring persimmon walnut chocolate chip blondies again yo, so come eat that shit up before I do and gain more winter weight oops.

Speaking of bakesales, check out Fat Bottom Bakery's review of the first ever East Bay Vegan Bakesale, complete with photos of cute people and dogs, here! (I'm the hottie in the blue hoodie and braids.)


dreaminitvegan said...

How much fun! You all seem to have so much fun up there in the bay area. Have a great time Valentine's weekend!

Erin said...

Two fun events that I can't go to! :( I'm all up in this type of stuff when school is over.

Mihl said...

I hope switching positions is a good thing. I wish I lived in California btw.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

See you there!