Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tester fun + a question

I'm still on a roll with testing for Isa's newest book, so here's a taste (har) to keep you excited!

Tamarind BBQ Tempeh & Sweet Potatoes (Isa tester)
Tamarind BBQ Tempeh & Sweet Potatoes

Potato Celeriac Soup with Brussels (Isa tester)
Potato Celeriac Soup with Brussels

Tortilla Soup (Isa tester)
Tortilla Soup

Chickpea Piccata (over mashed potatoes and arugula) (Isa tester)
Chickpea Piccata over mashed potatoes and arugula

Brussels Sprouts Potato Hash (Isa tester)
Brussels Sprouts Potato Hash

Tempeh & Black Eyed Pea Meatballs and Olivada Marinara with gf pasta (Isa tester)
Tempeh & Black Eyed Pea Meatballs and Olivada Marinara over gluten-free pasta

Speaking of GF pasta, I am totally in love with Ancient Harvest Quinoa's gluten-free pasta. It holds up equally well in stove-top pasta dishes as well as baked casseroles. The elbows and the spaghetti are my favorite. And it doesn't give you crazy poops the next day! I just wish they made lasagna noodles. Anyone got a recommendation for other GF pasta to try?

I'm working on a post about vegan knitting. Any questions about vegan knitting, or yarn, or anything else you'd like to see in the blog, please leave a comment and let us know! I'm curious to see what sort of direction readers expect/want from this blog. We kind of started it as a chronicle of our first baby steps as vegans. It's still important to us to help out newbie vegans as much as possible (Mom, Dad, come on, you know you can do it!), but also that we explore other topics as well. So let us know!


a-k said...

I love that quinoa pasta too! So yummy and great. The only other gf pasta I've really used is Tinkyada brown rice pasta which I think is pretty great but my girlfriend thinks is crap (she's a hardcore wheatarian though). I *think* they have lasagna noodles too...

Mihl said...

I would buy that book even if it was only for the meatball recipe. *drool*

dreaminitvegan said...

Oh my! Chickpea Piccata what a great idea! I use there piccata recipe from VCON-my husbands fav!

UMMMM brussel sprouts potato hash


單存 said...


The Vegan Tornado said...

i want to eat ALL OF THAT SO BAD

(laura from vegansaurus but whatever, google won't let me put that because they are the devil!)

dreaminitvegan said...

I should of mentioned before that Tinyada and Ancient Harvest are the GF pasta we like the best.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

You are a testing maniac!

erica said...

you know what was alarming just now? looking for your blog and typing thesistersvegan instead of sistersvegan. very, very different. your layout kicks so much more ass.

AMURO said...