Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Birthday Comic!

We had such a good time at our friend Kristen and Alex's birthday party that I decided to make a comic about it!

Thanks to Kristen and Alex for inviting us, and Melisser for the rockin' brownies, and everyone else who brought awesome food!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh, Portland!

Once again while in Portland, OR, I had an amazing amazing time with friends new and old and ate myself silly. I also had more work done on my tattoo at Scapegoat, and there were plenty of 4th of July revelries to be had.


Vegan Waffle Sandwich from Flavour Spot
If everyone in the world had one of these vegan waffle sandwiches, there would be no war.

Snarfing waffle while walking down Burroughs. I am teh hardcore.

Happy Bowl with aioli & BBQ sauce!
Happy Bowl with garlic aioli & BBQ sauce...

Ice almond milk chai late.
...and an iced almond milk chai latte, both from Sweetpea Bakery

Case at Sweetpea Bakery
The case at Sweetpea. FILLED WITH DELECTABLES!

Brownie from Black Sheep Bakery (c/o farmer's market!).  Also starring Erica's foot.
Brownie from Black Sheep Bakery c/o Kelly at the farmer's market! Also starring Erica's foot.

Mexican Bowl @ Blossing Lotus
Mexican bowl...

Lavender Lemonade from Blossoming Lotus
...and lavender lemonade from Blossoming Lotus downtown

Books from Powell's!
My haul from Powell's

Coconut Lemonade from coffee shop whose name I don't rember
Coconut lemonade from a coffee shop in SW whose name I don't remember...they also had vegan lemon poppy seed scones!

I went to Bay Leaf with Happy Herbivore and her husband, who were passing through town at the same time I was!

Spring Rolls @ Bay Leaf
Spring Rolls

Sesame Tofu @ Bay Leaf
Sesame Tofu (my favorite dish, I get it every time!)

Pad Thai @ Bay Leaf
Pad Thai

Mango Tofu @ Bay Leaf
Mango Tofu

Chocolate Glazed Donut from Voodoo Donuts
Chocolate Glazed Doughnut from Voodoo Donuts

My friend Morgan's awesometastic vegan neighbors once again went all out and made an amazing vegan brunch that I am still dreaming about!

AWESOMETASTIC BRUNCH: tofu scramble/soyrizo/potato breakfast burritos, fruit salad
Tofu scramble breakfast burritos with meatless chorizo and potatoes, and fruit salad

AWESOMETASTIC BRUNCH: strawberry muffins, made by me!
My contribution: strawberry-banana "Anything Goes" muffins, made using the recipe in Vegan-a-Go-Go! Thanks Sarah Kramer!

Tattoo part 2, part 2, view 3
More tattoo.

4th of July noms: tempeh and couscous with homegrown zucchini and kale with peppers & onions
Homegrown veggies taste the best: balsamic-maple tempeh with zucchini, kale with peppers & onions, and couscous. The kale and zukes are from Erica's gorgeous wanna-live-there-forever garden!

Rena being a happy 4th of July puppy
...and a happy 4th of July puppy!

Sadly I did not get pictures of two fabulous breakfasts at Paradox, which were two of the best vegan meals I've ever had EVER, and various bagels and things bought at Herbivore, etc. Ah well, there's always next time, right? ;) Many thanks to the friends who graciously put me up and fed me and shared in my adventures! <3<3<3

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do you miss us?

Hi y'all! Just wanted to jump in with a quick update. I know blog entries have been sparse lately but it's because of something awesome - Kelly is moving in with me and JP, into a fabulous 100 year old apartment in an AWESOME part of Berkeley! So there will be more regular updates in the future, along with more of us cooking, reviewing, and taste-testing together!* HURRAH! We'll dish on Portland, camping, family visits, and all the associated food/pics soon!

I also wanted to mention that Sisters Vegan is (naturally) the last vegan blog to finally get on Twitter! (Ha. You love us because we're awkward.) You can find updates, links, and random vegan musings at:!

*I'm sure we will also occasionally scream at each other, but that's okay. At least we've stopped punching each other in the boob (mostly).

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vegan Independence Day!

So as fate would have it, on a great holiday opportunity for some delicious cookins, our beloved Meg was being hogged by Oregonians, so JP and I were left to fend for ourselves on the 4th of July. The verdict: Lasagna.

I used the Random Girl Mushroom and Sausage Lasagna Recipe that I like so much...

...Which yielded some delicious results and many scrumptious leftovers. We also tried Random Girl's Raspberry Cheesecake Bars (we used blackberries instead!) and wrestled with it a bit but it ultimately came out pretty tasty.

Yay, cooking. Hopefully Meg returns to blogging soon so you can get your hands on a real entry!