Saturday, November 7, 2009

Autumnal Gleegans

Autumn is at our doorstep, and so is our Gluten-free friend Mark! Mark has known longer than we have about the trials of having dietary restrictions around other people, so I learned a lot from him regarding ingredients and substitutions.
However, Vegan cookbooks are increasingly having more and more gluten-free recipes, doing all the work for us. Vegan Brunch was the culprit this time. We made Gluten-free Buckwheat Pancakes and updated Tempeh Bacon. Word of caution to the Gee-Effers - use Tamari or Braggs Liquid Aminos instead of soy sauce. I really almost screwed that one up.
Needless to say, the pancakes were gorgeous and poofed up more than any GF baked goods I have ever made (remind me to tell you the sad tale of the GF vanilla cupcakes sometime) and despite all of the different flours and flax, its substantial, nutty taste was not at all 'health-foody'.
Tempeh bacon is definitely a staple in this household, so I already knew that I could depend on it. I was really pleased to be able to make something so quickly and easily that everyone could eat.

Additionally, we had to serve our vegan guest lunch as well, so we broke out some more McDougall soup. Four of the soups I mentioned in my last post are gluten-free, and Mark took on the Lentil soup, which I can only guess that he enjoyed, seeing as how he wolfed it down just an hour or two hours after we had our glorious vegan breakfast. I had Minestrone, which didn't impress me as much as the chunky tomato, but it was good.
I would recommend heating these soups up in a pot on the stove. I think my problem keeping them warm enough while I eat is because they're really thick and hearty, and a Microwave even on 2 minutes or so just don't do the trick, at least not evenly. So if you're close to a stovetop, use it, otherwise give it a stir halfway through nuking.


The Voracious Vegan said...

Mmmm.....pancakes. That is one intensely beautiful breakfast. Lucky friend Mark!

Nancy said...

Your breakfast looks delicious! Love the pancakes. I just made gf vegan Banana Walnut Oat Pancakes and I don't think anyone would know they're "health foody"!
-Nancy (

pixiepine said...

Nice breakfast spread!

dreaminitvegan said...

great looking fluffy pancakes.
Isn't it amazing how wheat gets into soy sauce?

Kelly said...

Voracious - it was as tasty as it was pretty!

Nancy - Those banana pancakes sound AMAZING! I know what I'm making him next time.

pixiepine - Thanks! It was delicious!

dreaminitvegan - yeah, I can't believe how many things they put wheat in as a filler, it's just ridiculous :( I'm sure celiacs have just as hard a time as vegans finding stuff to eat.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Looks damn good to me!