Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vegan Mofo Day 27: Ike's - A Love Story in Photos


If you live in the Bay Area and have not yet been to Ike's Place...get off your ass. Run, drive, fucking get your butt onto BART for christ's sake and get one of these sandwiches into your belly. They are the size of a baby and ten times as delicious (OH I'M KIDDING baby-eating = so not vegan and also immoral I think). All sandwiches come with a random lollipop and they are super nice about making sure vegan 'pops go with the vegan 'wiches.

They have an insane menu, most of which can be made vegan, and even some shit off the menu that's vegan, too. Ask the super friendly/nice/hot people who work there for suggestions if you are overwhelmed by the choices, they'll never disappoint! They also now have gluten-free bread, so all you gleegans can get in on this shit (I'm rapidly coming over to the dark gluten-free[ish] side so this makes me ecstatic).

Me: vegan Paul Reuben, add avocado, extra pickles, on the dutch crunch bread
Kell: vegan Not So Sloppy Ike with 'meat'balls (see picture) on dutch crunch bread

Just look at that delicious fucking sandwich:

Kelly has a sammich <3  Yay Ike's!

We ate at Ike's last weekend to get hella fat fuel up before the San Francisco Walk for Farm Animals (more about that later). LET THE EATING COMMENCE!



That is one fucking HALF of the sandwich. Srsly you guys, this shit is intense.

Also Ike is a very sexy man. When he gave me and a friend our sandwiches, he was all "Here you go ladies, and btw, the lollipop is vegan" and gave us a VERY handsome smile. I would have fainted but I had a sandwich to devour. PRIORITIES!

This is the last entry I do after eating four Late July organic vanilla bean sandwich cookies. SQUEE!


The Voracious Vegan said...

Okay, a handsome man AND delicious vegan food? I'm sold. That sandwich looks RIDICULOUSLY good.

Amey said...

au contraire! I think you should eat 4 sandwich cookies before EVERY blog post! I love it! You are super awesome. :)

dreaminitvegan said...

The sandwich look great and I'm sure it was even tastier since a hot sexy man handed it over to you.

Mihl said...

One day I am moving in with you guys!

Meg, your package arrived. OMG, thank you so much!!!

BitterSweet said...

Now that is one serious sandwich- That thing is loaded!

Erin said...


Coincidentally, the Vegan Paul Reubens and the Not So Sloppy are the last two sandwiches that I got from there, so we are all sandwich soul sisters.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Dude, Vegan Backstabber! I'm telling you!