Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day 22: Doctor Mc D and Me


Day 22 of Vegan Mofo is also Day 1 of...Dr. McDougall Chunky Tomato Ready-to-Serve Soup review!
I'd like to preface the review with a little information about Dr. McDougall, though, because I had heard about him long ago before I knew what the term "vegan" meant, and I realize that not everyone knows what he's all about.

As you can see from his website, Dr. John McDougall developed a diet to help at-risk individuals reverse the effects of health conditions through a vegan diet program. This all began in Santa Rosa, very close to where Meg and I grew up. He even had a spot on the local radio station (the token Celine-Dion playing lite rock station that our mother adored) where he would talk about diet versus health versus the risk of heart and weight problems. Tons of restaurants in Sonoma County have a "McDougall" menu, which are generally much healthier, and vegan. Pretty cool, right? Personally, I feel like even though generalized or fad diet programs always have issues, his program lends some credibility to the *already* proven good effects of a vegan diet on one's health. He also seems up to date on happenings in the vegan health scene. I just noticed that he has a podcast page that touts interviews with folks like Dr. Ornish, Howard Lyman, and other folks who either advocate a vegan diet, or alternatives to drugs, pills, and surgery.

Now, onto the IMPORTANT business. I had in my paws a carton of McDougall Chunky Tomato soup. Now it is in my belly.

Being a healthy vegan when you're harried and always on the go and constantly buried in homework or your job can be difficult. In the household of the Sisters Vegan, we cook and make our own lunches as often as we can so we have control over the ingredients, and we save money. However, in a perfect world, midterms would not exist. So, Meg has left it to me to do some reviewing of something I eat a lot - Ready-to-serve soup.

I'm not sure if this tasted so great because vegan tomato soup is just so darn hard to come by in stores up north, but this soup was AWESOME. I consider myself something of a picky eater when it comes to soup, and I loathe blandness, but honestly, this was right on the mark. The tomatoes tasted really great and fresh and sweet, and entirely unlike a lot of tomato soup I've had - that is, something that smells like spaghetti-O's and tastes about as good.

What's even better is the fact that each serving is ninety calories and packed with some pretty good stuff. My ONLY qualm is that they have no microwave time listed on the box ("Just heat and serve!") and any college student knows that the likelihood of having a stovetop nearby is...well, unlikely. I found that 2 minutes does it just about perfectly.

Most evenings when I feel like something nutritious and delicious I envision myself pulling out Isa Chandra's new low cal cookbook, or cruising through Vegan Express. However, for those nights when I'm just plum pooped from 10 hours of class, I can definitely see myself pulling some of this soup out of the pantry.

McDougall Soup 1 of 7 = success!


pixiepine said...

That soup looks really really good!

Debra said...

I am glad to hear.. I love Dr McDougall! I will have to try his soup!
Debra @ Vegan Family Style
ps don't forget the giveaway on my blog

Kelly said...

Pixiepine -
I know, right? It tastes even better!

Debra -
Glad you like the look of it, and thanks for the reminder about the giveaway!