Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tester heaven

SQUEE! We love our new house with our gorgeous kitchen and lovely gas stove and pretty living room and backyard and SQUEEEEE! Pictures (once we finish putting everything away and cleaning) are forthcoming.

In the meantime, living with both Kelly AND JP means there are three monkeys in the kitchen to do the work, giving us more time to make more elaborate meals, including some fabulous dishes from Vegan Latina testing. Terry continues to make our tummies very very happy with her creative and gorgeous recipes! Especially the desserts (see below!).


Chayote & Potato Salad with Capers & Peas (Vegan Latina tester)
Chayote & Potato Salad with Capers & Peas

Zesty Orange Mojo Baked Tofu (Vegan Latina tester)
Zesty Orange Mojo Baked Tofu

Columbian Green Onion Salsa (Vegan Latina tester)
Columbian Green Onion Salsa

Cashew Crema (Vegan Latina tester)
Cashew Crema

Red Chili Grilled Tempeh (Vegan Latina tester)
Chili Grilled Tempeh

Yellow Rice with Garlic (Vegan Latina tester)
Yellow Rice with Garlic

Amaranth-Polenta with Roasted Chilis (Vegan Latina tester)
Amaranth Polenta with Roasted Chilis

Calabacitas (Fresh Squash Saute) (Vegan Latina tester)
Calabacitas (Fresh squash saute)

Yuca with Cuban Garlic Lime Mojo (Vegan latina tester)
Yuca with Cuban Garlic Lime Mojo

Quinoa Corn "Chowder" with Limas & Ají (Vegan Latina tester)
Quinoa Corn Chowder with Limas & Aji

Simply Arroz con Leche (Vegan Latina tester)
Simple Arroz Con Leche (this BLEW MY MIND!!! SO GOOD!!!)

Cafe con Leche Flan (Vegan Latina tester)
Cafe con Leche Flan (WOWZERS is all I can say)

The best part of testing is that it's brought a lot of new ingredients into my repertoire, or new ways to use familiar ones. Fucking love it. Everyone should buy this book when it comes out, which is sometime next year!


marika @ madcap cupcake said...

Yes, please.

Sal said...

wow all that looks so good!! I can't wait for this book to come out.

dreaminitvegan said...

My son loved flan in his pre-vegan days and if I could make it vegan for him, oh I'd really be queen!

Amey said...

oh my god. you testers!?#!$#!%!!!

I could tell from the very first pictures I started seeing from that book, that Vegan Latina is definitely my kind of cookbook. I can't wait. It all looks so good. Glad to see there will be some flan in there. I was just thinking about that the other day...

:) p.s. Hi!

Erin said...

I would like to try every single one of these things! Looks so good.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

There's a spare room for me, right? I want to come over & eat!

Mandee said...

Yum to everything! Looking fwd to photos of your new kitch!

Woz said...

Sweet Jesus! I'm going to buy the book just for that flan recipe alone!