Thursday, June 18, 2009

Updates from the Lazy Half

So on account of me being a lazy jerk and never updating, you all get a very eclectic entry about all the cookings, artings, and outings going on in my life.

Firstly, I've been living with the parents this summer - I'm in this bizarre limbo between classes and apartments and stuff, so I'm kickin' it small town style in the Great Hick North. I wanted to let everyone know that, despite their stubbornness to commit to any kind of veg*n diet, my parents are always accommodating with my sister and I, and so far we've had some great vegan meals together. Below on the left is "pesto cream" pizza, and on the right is your standard tofu scramble and potatoes.

Also, mom and I went on another vacation to Mount Shasta after my GF buddy Mark and I had had such a good experience. Did you know they have vegan, gluten-free macaroons in this tiny remote truck stop town at Lynnie's Bakery?!
This time we rented a cabin and prepared our own food. Below is a tofu egg salad sandwich with oven fries and fried tofu and vegetables with spicy peanut sauce.

My sister said I should post some of my vegan-relevant art on here. I haven't incorporated veganism into nearly as many pieces as I would like so far, but at the same time it's hard to make a statement without it seeming somewhat of a contrived turnoff.
The first was from an editorial assignment where we had to make some kind of illustration with some kind of relevant political statement or human interest angle. It's probably not entirely clear but I wanted to do something about the canadian seal hunt - it incited a little bit of discussion (and some people were mortified at the concept!) about the seal hunt, and it was a really fun project.

The second is a print I made in a printmaking survey course - I had a couple different sketches for vegan-inspired lino prints and went with this one.

I'm still in art school and just messing around with different media...but, hope you guys like it - crossposted from my blog, where my other school art can be found:


mel said...

I like the gas mask kitty! I would totally buy one from you.

How do you like printmaking? I love the aesthetic but never had the patience for it. Inking is such a pain! And I usually ended up liking the plates more than the prints.

Kelly said...

Yeah, printmaking can definitely be infuriating - lino block prints are pretty groovy though, etching is the one that really drives me up the wall, it's so messy!
Glad you like the print :> I'll have to bring one by next time I see you! They're kind of ragged and not like, super professional looking, hahahah.

Mandee said...

Great work, Kelly!

And gluten free, vegan macaroons!? I need some, now!

Erin said...

I like your work, Kelly! Very cool. A good friend of mine is allergic to soy, and when she got the assignment for a packaging project in her graphic design program she designed soy-free, dairy-free cookies. They weren't real cookies, sadly, but the box was cool.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Glad you aren't suffering being away from San Francisco! Awesome gas mask kitty!