Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Millennium's Southern Comfort Dinner

Last week I was lucky enough to go to Millennium's Southern Comfort Dinner with a great group of friends. The staff were dressed up as yokels and the food was fantastic, and it was a great way to (prematurely) start the holiday weekend off right.

We kicked off the meal with some appetizers and drinks:

Millennium Southern Comfort: Bucket O Beer

Millennium Southern Comfort: Cornbread, Rye Bread, other yummy bread
Corn bread, rye bread, some other bread I can't remember

Millennium Southern Comfort: NACHOS and fried green tomatoes
Nachos (complete with 'cheese' sauce, beans, jalepenos, soy chorizo, and guac) and fried green tomatoes

Then tucked into some iceberg "wedgie" salads with 1000 Island dressing and tofu "deviled egg":

Millennium Southern Comfort: Iceberg "Wedgie" Salad with 1000 Island

Then the entrees. There were four to choose from, and I got pictures of mine and JP's:

Millennium Southern Comfort: Gourmet "Oyster Dog"
"Oyster" dog on french roll with homemade tartar sauce, onions, and breaded and fried maiitake mushrooms, with sides of bourbon black eyed peas, slaw, and steamed veggies

Millennium Southern Comfort: "Shake and Bake"d seitan
"Shake & Bake"d seitan over white rice with some kind of yummy sauce, same sides

Everything up to this point was FABULOUS. Food shared with friends is always fab but the SoCo meal was just the right amount of greasy and delicious and it was so much fun.

Dessert, however, was a little disappointing:

Millennium Southern Comfort: Spelt "muff cake" and all the fixins'
Spelt "muffcake" with (almost) all the fixins'

Perhaps it was because my expectations were high after hearing about last year's do-it-yourself brownie sundae bar, but the do-it-yourself "muffcake" (ie: muffin) sundae bar just wasn't doing it for me. The scoop of homemade cherry ice cream was AWESOME, toppings were YUM (julep hot chocolate sauce, chipotle strawberries, etc), but they were already running low on several (the crushed oreos and the whipped cream) by the time we got to dessert (and our reservation was quite early in the evening!). The most disappointing aspect was the muffcake itself. There were three choices of flavor (strawberry, chocolate, spelt with cream cheese frosting), and the general consensus was that the muffcakes were very dense and not very flavorful. I love muffins, but they are breakfast or snack food; if I go to Millennium, I expect to be blown away, and I have been in the past, but this dessert wasn't quite up to their normal standards. I think they were experimenting with a new idea, and hopefully next year it will be better.

However, the rest of the meal definitely lived up to or exceeded my expectations, and I encourage everyone living in or visiting the Bay Area to go to Millennium at least once! I will commence my Millennium stalkery again in the fall, as the pumpkin tiramisu with gingerbread ice cream I had last time we went made me moan in a manner most unsuitable for a fancy restaurant. Whatever, I bet it happens all the time there.


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Glad we got to go together! I was such a bitch about the dessert, hahaha.

The Vegan Tornado said...

Oh man, i want to go back again and again. I am also a maniac. Time to hit the wii fit!

laura from vegansaurus (i think it links to my old blog here but i am too lazy to change it!!)

Erin said...

Millennium would go an make southern food look all fancy, hah! Really though, of course it was awesome. Too bad about dessert, but I guess out minds can't be blown all the time. Love the bucket of beer...except to truly be southern I would expect some PBR or MGD to be in there.

vanessa said...

whoa! i didn't know that they did pre-pays like this. next time!