Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday y'all! I never understood the phrase "living for the weekend" until I graduated, starting working, and then got a new bike. I commute with it all week, which is great, but the best part of owning a bike, the uphill battles and downhill adrenaline rushes, start tomorrow, and I can't fucking wait!

It's been too long since I posted Isa & Terry cookie testers! Isa posted an amazing Flickr set which has muuuuuch better photos than mine, so move any electronics out of the way before you click that link - it's mouthwatering!

Even so, here are my humble test cookies:

Lazy samoans (toasted coconut chocolate cookies) (Isa/Terry tester)
Lazy Samoans (toasted coconut/ the girl scout cookies)

Peanut butter chocolate pillows (Isa/Terry tester)
Peanut Butter Chocolate Pillows...thar's peanut butter in them thar cookies!

And my personal favorite...

Cheesecake Chip Topped Brownie (Isa/Terry tester)
Cheesecake Chip Topped Brownies

Yes, they did, in fact, blow my mind.


mel said...

Ooh! This book is going to be amazing!

Mihl said...

ve fun biking! Your cookies should have their own flickr set, too!

Amy said...

I want those Lazy Samoans!

erica said...

Email a sister some recipes? Or email a sister some recipes when she's back on the sugar bandwagon? Those look amazing.

+1 to Mihl on the MegCookies flicker set, ps.

Mandee said...

Me want cookie! And hooray for bike riding :)

Woz said...

Sweet jesus those look fucking delicious. Like coma worthy.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

You are a cookie testing machine!

Binx said...

I do reeeally miss Samoas.

Sadly, I work weekends, so I don't understand that tgif feeling! But I'm ok with it.

Cakespy said...

Oh my god, those cookies and brownies look freaking amazing! I want!