Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birthdays, picnics, and easter, oh my!

Long entry but it's mostly photos!

Our weekend at home with the famfam was all two girls could ask for, and we have photo evidence to prove it!

First up is our picnic on Saturday. Mom, Kelly, and I rode our bikes 4 miles down to Asti Winery (the site of the former Italian-Swiss Colony), and Dad met us there with a picnic lunch that Mom had prepared that morning!: Chips, hummus, a huge container of veggies and pickles and olives, bananas, and 21st Century Carob Cookies, an Isa/Terry cookie tester!

Kell, me & mom

Picking out our picnic table

Hummus (Vcon) that mommy made!

21st Century Carob Cookies in brilliant sunlight (Isa/Terry tester)

Mr. Coyote came to visit us! He played at chasing birds, but I think what he really wanted was Terry's cookies!

Mr. Coyote comes to visit.

That evening we celebrated my dad's birthday. In the afternoon, Kelly and I made the Bananas Foster Cake from My Sweet Vegan. Being at my parents' house meant I got to use my mom's stand mixer! Yay! And yes I am wearing my awesome CakeSpy t-shirt. The cake was so delicious, two omnis and three vegans have made promises of undying love to it. I think it's now my favorite recipe from MSV. And it has bananas in it, that means it's healthy, right?

Being at parents' house means we get to use Mom's stand mixer!

Least favorite part of cake making

Bake, my pretties, bake!

Bananas Foster Cake (MSV) cooling

MMMM frosting

Frosting the cake

Bananas Foster cake! (MSV)

Bananas Foster Cake (MSV)

Bananas Foster Cake (MSV)

Not the greatest decorating job ever, but I'm still practicing. I don't get a lot of opportunities to make cakes (they're not exactly bike-portable) so this was a fun experience to put some of the skills I learned from the UO Craft Center cake decorating class to use.

For dinner we made one of my favorite meals: chickpea cutlets with mustard sauce (both recipes from Veganomicon), roasted asparagus with garlic, and mashed potatoes, which were made extra special with the addition of chives from the garden.

Dad's birthday dinner!

Chickpea Cutlets with Mustard Sauce (Vcon), roasted aspargus, chive mashed potatoes

We also made Easter brunch Sunday morning, which consisted of Classic Broccoli Quiche from the PPK blog (and Isa's upcoming brunch book), herbed red potatoes, and fruit salad.

Easter brunch!

Classic Broccoli Quiche (PPK blog)

Herbed potatoes

Fruit salad

I hope everyone had a lovely, restful weekend!


erica said...

I covet your strawberries. COVET.

dreaminitvegan said...

Everything looks wonderful!

Mary said...

That bananas foster cake looks so tasty and those cookies mmm!

Mandee said...

Looks like a very yummy weekend, that cake looks fantastic and I have to agree, if it contains bananas, it's healthy! :)

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Banana cake for Melisser, please! The picnic looks fun!

Mihl said...

Yay for cake and chocolate quiche! Reminds me of another birthday last summer.
P.S. I think that IS a great decoration job.

Mihl said...

Did I say chocolate quiche? I am clearly not awake.

Neta said...

Wow, everything looks amazing. The cake is beautiful!
You're so lucky your parents actually eat the "special vegan food" with you. Mine would never eat something like the chickpea cutlets (their loss!).

Amy said...

Your brunch looks incredible! I have been wanting to make that quiche for awhile, but laziness controls my brain.

Cookies? Cake? Picnics? Bike rides? Hooray for all that!!!!

And yes, when you come to Portland, you should totally get a Food Fight water bottle!

BitterSweet said...

It all sounds so awesome! Especially that cake... ;)

Carlota. said...

I also love to ride my bike. Brazil has some pretty cool places for that. I'm not a cake person..but I love cupcakes, muffins and pies..and your cookies look delicious! I made the Classic Broccoli Quiche last year for my omnis boyfriend..he loved! But what I really liked was the herbed red potatoes..I'm a potatoe crazy!

Erin said...

All this food looks ridiculously good. Like, I want it all right now. Glad to see the bananas foster icing worked for you, when I tried to make it it was half runny, half hard clumps of sugar. It just didn't work for me.

You guys look cute in your biking outfits, yellow is Kelly's color :)

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