Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vegan treats - the only things that keep me sane!

Lord! This semester is murderous. Murderous! I barely have enough time during the day to cook a can of soup, let alone something vegan and fabulous. HOWEVER, when I have guests over, I allot a certain amount of time for baking and feasting - vegan food is always best when shared with somebody else, after all!

Here in Exhibit A I have Sunny Lemon Corn Muffins from the PPK recipe database. Delicious! I subbed tofutti sour cream for yogurt since there is no soy yogurt for at least a mile or two in any direction, it seemed to work out just fine! These guys were awesome (read: short-lived) companions during the recent rainy weather.

Exhibit B is our Seitankebabs! I had a plethora of seitan I had made while at home in Sonoma County with my vegan buddy Jon (also Isa's recipe) and decided I should try out the grillpan. Meg came and visited after brunch and we made seitan skewers. Witness the kebabbery:

Because of the shape of the seitan (I just had to insist we didn't cube them!) it was difficult to get good coverage on the grillpan, but I think they were pretty tasty. I love the texture of seitan. Meg says, sit down and eat already!


Mihl said...

Those seitan kebobs sound delicious! And say hello to Meg.

BitterSweet said...

Ah, best of luck with the rest of the semester... You're almost there, you can do it! :)

Kelly said...

Mihl - will do!

BitterSweet - lol, I'm not so sure! I don't think i'll ever graduate :/

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

YUM! I'm sorry school is kicking your ass. I hope we can hang when things get a bit easier.