Thursday, February 26, 2009

It'sa pizza

What's better than a vegan pizza and a nice cold organic IPA? Not much. The two, when combined, are like a magical, stick to your ribs, cure all your ailments medicine. Add in episodes of As Time Goes By and you have a happy Meggie.

I make my pizza dough from scratch, though I've heard that Trader Joe's makes a vegan pizza crust that's pretty good. I use the recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance by Isa Chandra-Moskowitz, which was the first recipe I ever used and I love it. I do modify it a bit though; I replace one of the cups of all-purpose white flour with whole wheat flour. I find it gives the crust a little more oomph and also makes me feel less guilty.

Then I'll put some kind of sauce on. In a pinch, I use Trader Joe's fat-free pizza sauce - it tastes delicious, is cheap, and hey, fat-free! I've also made the pizza sauce from VwaV, which is great and really fresh-tasting. I've also used pesto (also from VwaV) and BBQ sauce (not together!), homemade (from Veganomicon or store-bought. Just be careful with store-bought BBQ sauce - not only do they often contain honey, they also can contain high fructose corn syrup - bleccch.

Before I put "cheese" or toppings on, I'll put down a layer of baby spinach. I stole the idea from Pizza Research Institute in Eugene, OR. It's just a way to get extra veggies into your pizza, and I love the taste! Be sure to pile it on, that shit wilts like whoa when cooked.

Lately I've been experimenting with cashew cheese. It's so delicious, and so easy to make if you have a food processor! It takes literally five minutes. I played around with this recipe last night; I added some extra lemon juice, as well as liquid smoke and a little salt. It's so creamy and yummy! No one will think it's cheese but it's so good, they won't care. Speaking of Pizza Research Institute, they have THE BEST vegan pizza "cheese"/sauce whatever you want to call it, and I'm pretty sure now that it's cashew-based, but apparently it's a big secret. It's bomb, though, if you're anywhere near Eugene, go to PRI.

Toppings. Whatever you want! The first vegan pizza I ever made (in summer 2007) was made from store-bought dough and no cheese subs, it was fabulous, and looked like this:

First vegan pizza I ever made - summer 2007
Olives, mushrooms, green peppers

The 2nd vegan pizzas I ever made looked like this:

Margarita with Teese
Pizza margherita with Teese, tomato, and basil

...and this:

Teese pizza w/onion, kalamatas, and pesto
Teese pizza with onion, chopped kalamata olives, and VwaV pesto

A week ago JP and I made this (ignore my "rustic" crust edges, there was an incident):

VwaV pizza crust, baby spinach, TJ's tomato sauce, potato, mushroom, red bell pepper, and garlic chunks

...and then last night we made this:

BBQ "chicken" pizza
VwaV pizza crust, BBQ sauce, baby spinach, cashew cheese, Light Life chik'n style strips, red bell pepper,and garlic, and, post-baking, cilantro and crushed red pepper flakes.

Anyone who says vegan pizza doesn't taste good needs to have a conversation with me.

Next up: soup and homemade tortilla chips!


mlheran said...

I know what I'm making for dinner!! :9

How were the potato slices, did they get soft or crispy?

Kelly said...

That kalamata and onion pizza looks so fabulous. My tastebuds are crying that I'm not eating it right now. :D

Neta said...

I love the pizza recipe in vwav! Your pizza looks so yummy, I wish I had one right now.

Jenna said...

Holy pizza! We need to have a pizza making day again!

a. said...

whoa. that looks great. the kalamata pizza was calling to me. :P

Brittany said...

Hey, someone actually used one of my recipes! Awesome!

These pizzas and the cookies in the post below look amazing. I would like to eat all of them. In one sitting.

Veganism is for Lovers said...

The pizza looks incredible. You motivated me. I'm going to make some cashew cheese.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Mmm! I like Isa's dough & I REALLY want to go to PRI!

Erin said...

I currently have half a VWAV pizza crust recipe in the freezer, waiting patiently.