Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More cookie sneak peeks

I've got lots of plans going on this weekend (more on that later!) so I'm just popping in to give you some more Isa & Terry cookie sneak peeks!

Orange Agave Chocolate Chip cookes (Isa/Terry tester)
Orange Agave Chocolate Chip cookies

This one was oddly shaped, hence I love it best of all!

Pignoli Almond Cookies (Isa/Terry tester)
Pignoli Almond Cookies

My favorite so far! So delicious, they remind me of my Italian grandmother!

For the Love of Fruitcake Bars (pre-cute, with plaid glaze!  Haha)
Fruitcake Bars

My glaze got a little fucked up due to my crazy apartment humidity, but they were delicious nonetheless!

And a picture of the fruitcake bars plus some of the previous cookies. This was taken at my grandma's house the Saturday after Christmas. Everyone loved them!

For the Love of Fruitcake Bars (among assorted other tester cookies)
Mmm, cookies


Joy said...

Is it wrong that I like the fruitcake ones best? Those sound delicious!

allularpunk said...


Mihl said...

You lucky tester, you! Man, I can't wait for the book.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Cookies, yum yum yum! This weekend is going to rock!

Mandee said...

Mmm! The agave orange choc chippers look yummo!