Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pie in the sky

Last Friday the president of the company I work for was nice enough to take the entire staff out to Citron for a holiday dinner. AND, we were allowed to leave work an hour early to make it home and get dressed up. Since I live only 20 minutes away from work by bike, I used that extra hour to make pie!

Impossible apple streusel pie
Apple Streusel Pie

Impossible apple streusel pie

Hannah of BitterSweet recently published Mission: Impossible Pies, a wonderful e-cookbook with all sorts of quick easy 'impossible' pies (pies that "make their own pie crusts," or so my wonderful cook/baker mommy says). I knew that none of the desserts at the company party would be vegan so I thought I'd make this and it would be cooled by the time we got home that night! (When we stumbled home at 12:30am, haha...) The pie was super quick and easy to make and utilized ingredients I had on hand, especially since my grandma gave us a bag of home-grown Granny Smiths at Thanksgiving. I got home from work at 4:25pm, and had this pie in the oven by 5:00pm, leaving me with a full 2 hours to get dressed before we caught our bus to Oakland (during which I farted around on the internet, then freaked out at the time and got dressed in a hurry).

The dinner itself wasn't bad. Since I was in charge of planning it (somewhat at the last minute), I was able make sure the restaurant would be able to accommodate myself and my boyfriend. We started off with a nice salad of baby spinach, dates, and toasted pecans. We were told our entree would be roasted vegetables, and included carrots, potatoes, yams, parsnips, and green beans in some kind of yummy, herbalicious sauce.

Vegan dinner at Citron
Sorry for the shitteous photo, the lighting was mood-tastic

It was good but uninspired. I found myself thinking, "This is like $4.00 worth of root vegetables, and my boss is paying a LOT more than that..." and I kind of felt bad. And knowing what kinds of lovely, flavorful, gorgeous vegan entrees the many, many, MANY talented vegan food bloggers out there can produce, the snarky part of me ("What do you mean by 'part', Meg? Isn't your entire soul full of snark?") felt like snickering. Still, it was wonderful of Citron to accommodate vegans despite being a decidedly non-vegan restaurant.


Erin said...

That was nice of your boss to take you all to dinner! My department is having a holiday lunch and asked if I had any restaurants in mind. I'm still new to working in Berkeley I didn't, but I figure most places around campus will at least have an option.

Your pie looks kind of amazing!

Mihl said...

What a great idea to take the pie with you! You are well organized! We had our christmas brunch a couple of weeks ago and the vegan options were ridiculous. They had lots of veggies at the restaurant, but either was it sprinkled with bacon or smothered in sauce hollandaise. I wish you had brought your pie :D

BitterSweet said...

You're the first one to make something from the pie ebook (that I've seen) so I'm ecstatic that you're a happy customer! :)

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Remember what I said about iron will? That pie might make me crumble!