Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving breakfast

Even if you don't like traditional Thanksgiving fare (I know you're out there), how about a sweet yet hearty start to your Thanksgiving morning? Perfect for filling up on if you're facing a dinner with vegan-unfriendly family or clueless cooks.

Making Cornmeal and Cranberry Pancakes
Cornmeal and cranberry pancakes from BitterSweet

(Made with yellow cornmeal instead of the called-for white, because I didn't have any.)

AND it's festive, because corn and cranberries are actually native to North America! (Unlike most of the "traditional" Thanksgiving foods...I heartily recommend the "Thanksgiving FOR the birds" podcast from Compassionate Cooks for more on how we pick and choose our traditions.)

Cornmeal and Cranberry Pancakes

The tartness of the cranberries goes perfectly with the sweetness of maple syrup. I can see these going really well with Dreena Burton's Celestial Cream or eaten later cold with some pumpkin butter spread over them, as well.


Melisser said...

Oooh, I may have to make those pancakes tomorrow!

BitterSweet said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Happy to hear that you enjoyed the pancakes. :)

erica said...

I made 'em on my birthday, I did I did! Way delicious. Perfect for dinner- um, I bet they're even better for breakfast. :)