Friday, November 7, 2008


You'll have to forgive me for not posting for a while. My 99% sureness that I did not pass that test, and the looming knowledge that I will probably NOT being going to grad school next year, and also the crap weather (until yesterday) merged to make Meg into a big smelly lazy lump of grumpy depressive motivationless suck.*

Hence why there's nothing but a couple of really old zucchini and an ancient tub of miso in my fridge. No motivation = "Hmm, I should go grocery shopping (and do laundry), but I could sit on my ass and read Perez Hilton's blog for 3 hours instead."

No one can withstand the power of snarky commentary concerning Lindsay Lohan's latest drams. It's like sweet sweet crack candy.

So I've been making a lot of I'm just going to take everything in my fridge and put it in a pan and call it a night dinners.

Election night dinner! 1
Roasted sweet potatoes and delicata squash, maple tempeh (Get It Ripe), green bean salad (VeganYumYum) and leftover crunchy breads from the Halloween party at work.

And Bridgeport IPA, of course.

This was our election night dinner, eaten while curled up on the couch listening to NPR. Sweet potatoes and squash were from last week's farmer's market, and the beans were from my mom's garden. I can't get enough of this green bean salad recipe from VeganYumYum, it's so simple to put together but it's so tasty! The maple tempeh from Get It Ripe is fabulous and took no time at all to put together. The squash and taters were tossed in olive oil with rosemary, salt, and pepper. NOM! I cried into my Bridgeport when NPR announced that Obama had won. 8 years is a long time.

Stuffed acorn squash
Stuffed acorn squash

I had a long day on Wednesday, and luckily JP had the foresight to put the acorn squash we had sitting on the counter in the oven. What to have with it was more of a challenge. Enter the magic frying pan! In went leftover maple tempeh, chopped zucchini, black beans, kale, and chipotle chili powder, and then into the squashy bowl that went. It was really good, if I do say so myself. The filling was sweet and spicy, and it really went well with the creamy acorn squash.

'Leftovers' Fried Rice
Leftovers fried rice

JP had a late night last night, and so it was one of the rare times where I'm cooking for one person. Not wanting to add to the stack of dirty dishes, I started chopping and came up with this fried rice. It's got leftover brown rice, chopped zucchini and carrots from my grandma's garden, frozen peas and corn, veg bacon bits, a slice shallot, and black beans, all fried in just a tiny bit of oil and a healthy dose of Bragg's Liquid Aminos, and topped with some avocado. I made some for John later (the douche who arranged dinner for their meeting LIED ON PURPOSE about some of the food being vegan; as in "Shhh, don't tell the vegans but this has butter in it" - WHUT?!), and added green onion and kale and fried it with tamari instead of Bragg's and it was even deliciouser.

I encourage everyone to show their fridges some love and dig through and find some stuff to make nommable leftovery food with.

*(And also hence why I'm going out and getting wrecked tonight. w00t! One thing though: Berkeley needs more bars! Come on, this is a COLLEGE town? There should be a bar every two feet. AND THIS IS NOT THE CASE! One WITHIN two miles radius of my apartment would be the boozesluts in this town some respect, Berkizzle!)

Oh also: OBAMA FOR THE WIN! WOO! Bay Area people: if you're in San Francisco around 5:30pm tonight, go protest Prop 8, because that hater shiz is NOT what California is all about. We're all about the love here, and all kinds of love, not just lame unsexy hater straight love, people - ALL KINDS DAMMIT.


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

It''s been leftover mania around here as well, but your meals look far better than mine!

Mihl said...

Your food always looks totally fantastic! I am wishing you luck for the test results.
P.S. I can send you some bars from Dresden. I think we have may that P. and I sometimes find it hard to decide where to go.

allularpunk said...

good ideas with those leftovers! i rarely have leftovers at my house, as my boyfriend likes to eat EVERYTHING that is made for dinner in one sitting. he's like a vacuum cleaner with the metabolism of a rabbit. therefore, i'm always envious of people who get to make new meals with their leftovers.

as for not enough bars...i'll trade my college town for yours anyday. we have a bajillion bars, but no vegan food or a decent farmers market...whaddya say? trade? huh? no? i didn't think so haha...

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I want some of your leftovers! That acorn squash looks super-yummy.

Yay Obama!!!

disa said...