Monday, November 24, 2008

Hey chickadee

Chickpea cutlet time! I'd been eyeballing these Veganomicon delectable dinner delights for a long time, especially since I hear nothing but good things about them. I love chickpeas, but not nearly as much as JP does, so he was super excited. He likes them so much, he made me promise to make them at least once a week from now on.

One small thing: I managed to burn them a little both times with both methods. Let my mistakes be a message to you, my beloved readers: don't trust your oven OR stove, and read comics while waiting for the timer to go off; actually pay attention while cooking. I've learned this the hard way so many times...and still sneak off to play on the internets or read Fruits Basket, only to end up with crispy non-critters.

Chickpea cutlets Attempt #1 (Vcon) (pan-fried)
First attempt: pan-fried

I have to say, I like the pan-frying method better as far as taste, but I felt like I used a lot more oil, so I'll probably save it for special occasions. That said, this recipe is INCREDIBLY easy to make. The hardest part is probably mashing chickpeas, just because I don't think mine were cooked QUITE enough. You basically throw all your ingredients into a bowl, knead for three minutes, cut into quarters, and voila, cutlets. The texture is so toothsome and delicious, a little lemony and earthy, it beats any commercial fakemeat product hands down. I served them with mashed potatoes and the Veganomicon mushroom gravy (also delish, perfect for Thanksgiving, hint hint!).

Chickpea cutlets (Vcon) attempt #2 (baked)
2nd attempt: baked

I burnt these ones a little more, which is why they don't look fabulous, but they were still really yummy, especially slathered in stone-ground mustard. Served up with leftover mashed potatoes and gravy, and roasted veggies (onion/bell pepper/garlic/zucchini/sweet potato). I liked that this method didn't use as much oil, but the texture wasn't quite as pleasing as the pan-fried ones. Still good though.

These are so quick to put together, especially on a weeknight, all you need is some veggies and maybe a grain or some crusty bread to go with it, and you have an amazing meal. I heartily recommend you go and make these as soon as humanly possible.


About this page said...
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Ingrid said...

are these cutlets in VCon too? I hope so, they look delicious!

Neta said...

I love the chickpea cutlets, and I also like the fried version better. I made them with the onion sauce from Veganomicon and it was wonderful.
I should find time and make a huge batch to keep in the freezer.

Michelle said...

I have been scared of trying vegan-cutlet things but so far Veganomicon has been a real winner so I'll give it a shot! I just found your blog and will read more :-)

erica said...

neta's got the right idea. i heart frozen, convenient yummishness.