Monday, November 17, 2008

Hannah tester recipe #2

Yay, the next test recipe from the multi-talented Hannah from BitterSweet! This recipe sent my taste buds soaring with two of my favorite flavors - cherry and coconut!

Cherry Maccaroon Tart (Hannah tester recipe)
Cherry Macaroon Tart

A crispy yet chewy crust of coconut, filled with an amazingly addictive dark cherry filling. This was made using frozen cherries, as it's not exactly cherry season, but you can use fresh, too! I took one little taste of the filling as I was cooking it on the stove and then proceeded to eat about half of it, it was so good! I could barely wait until it had set so I could eat it. And it was pretty easy and very quick to throw together - another plus for a busy bee like me!

And I was also pleased that it matched my nail polish:

Cherry Maccaroon Tart (Hannah tester recipe)

Vegan nail polish + vegan baking = happiness!


allularpunk said...

that tart looks quite fabulous. lucky you!

Mihl said...

You're so lucky to be a tester! And you and the tart look like a perfect couple.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Ooh, sounds tasty!

BitterSweet said...

It looks perfect! I promise the next recipe is coming soon, too.

Bex said...

that looks so good. The book is on the wish list.