Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vegan MoFo Day 25: Post Your Spice Collection

A trip to Tuk Tuk Thai Market down on University today (and a trip to Spun Sugar, yee!) and the acquisition of whole anise (so preeeetty!) made me think of a new MoFo meme: post your spice collection! All are invited, including but not limited to: racks, shelves, drawers, cabinets, armoirs, boxes, cupboards, and entire rooms (THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!)?! (Herbs of all manner and form are also invited to share in the fun.)

First, my Thai market treasures:

Tuk Tuk Thai Market swag!

Top left to right: bananas (duh), sesame oil, peanut sauce, seasoned rice vinegar, plum sauce and pearl barley. Bottom left to ride: agar-agar powder, panko, whole anise, and tamarind concentrate.

Sidenote: the other day at Monterey Market I bought a can of mock duck and a can of mock chicken from the Asian foods section, and I mention it because Tuk Tuk had the same brand, but also carried mock abalone!!! WTF?! I want it! But JP wouldn't let me buy it unless I had a plan for how to use it. (How dare he imply I insanely hoard really random ingredients much like a squirrel collects nuts for the winter! ...Oh wait, he's right, I DO do that...).

So tell me, dear readers: what do I do with canned wheat gluten based mock abalone (and mock dock, for that matter?).

I'm particularly excited about the plum sauce. I could swim in a pool of it. And the tamarind concentrate! Now I can make those crepes that Isa and Terry made for the Love Bites! episode of the PPK.

And now, my modest spice collection:

Spice collection!

Sadly I can't get all of them in there nice and orderly, at least three jars have to kind of float on top of the others. Most of these jars are from before I found a store that sold bulk spices. For all new spices, I prefer this nifty pudgy little jars from IKEA. The Drawer is organized alphabetically, for the most part. You'll notice not one but FOUR types of chili powder, three of which are featured here (and all of which are randomly the same brand, but were not purchased at the same time):

Four (one not picture) types of chili powder.  WORD.

I'm really running low on red pepper flakes and paprika.

Recent acquisitions: white and black sesame seeds (not really spices, shut up), the chili powders, whole anise, and whole coriander seeds (I had to throw the rest of my old coriander seed stock out, because they got infested with tiny brown beetles! GROSSNESS!).

Organizing the drawer for the photo made me happier than I've been in a long time. Am I really that pathetic? (Shhhh......)


Caty said...

Oh wow, your spice collection is so organised! All my spice jars are shoved in the back of a cupboard in no order whatsoever so you have to look through every jar til you find what you want.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Yay, I love spices! You'll see my collection when you come over.
Have you had any of the gluten in a can yet? I bought a kung pao one & it was NASTY. We tossed it.