Saturday, September 20, 2008

Great Seitan

Kelly and I popped our collective seitan-making cherries, finally, a few weekends ago. We started with a small batch, using the simple recipe from Veganomicon, and all I can say is, I don't know why I was so afraid to make this shit myself. The best part is, after you boil it, not only do you end up with a pound of great tasting seitan, you get a bunch of leftover veggie broth too! Usually I can't be arsed to fuck around with vegetable broth so I almost always end up subbing water. The efficiency of making two things at once really appeals to me.

It's also MUCH MUCH cheaper. We figured, a package of White Wave seitan is $3.99 at most places we've seen. In contrast, all this recipe used was veggie broth, garlic, gluten flour, water, and some spices, i.e., cheap stuff. It also doesn't come wrapped in plastic and cardboard, which is just going to get chucked on top of a landfill somewhere.

Kelly kneading 1
Kelly kneading

First seitan! (Vcon)
The finished product

Kelly took home a third and JP and I used the rest. We chopped ours up and put it into chimichangas (ED&BV!)...

Gimme Chimis (ED&BV!)

...and chili (VwaV), both of which were amazing (sorry no picture of the chili, it got gobbled up too fast!). We served it with delicious dark rye bread from Octoberfeast, which has lots of German-inspired (and completely vegan) breads.

Sorry about the crappy photo quality, it's getting harder and harder to make dinner with any amount of daylight left (the chili was part of a romantic candlelit dinner on our balcony, so, yeah...). I don't get home until about 5:30pm JP usually doesn't get home from law school until 7pm. So, there may be some less than gorgeous photos. We've been experimenting with lamps and such though; it'll be an adventure.

And here is my lovely take on seitan. I call it steaktan. When I stopped eating steak, there was a void in my life. No, not because I crave meat. It's because I crave Stuff to Put A1 Steak Sauce On. Now I am complete.

Pretty much just breaded seitan fried in a tablespoon of oil for 20 minutes with some garlic tossed in. Yay for seitan!

The moral of the story is: homemade seitan is cheaper, tastier, and comes without useless packaging! There are so many recipes out there, one would be hard-pressed to find one they didn't like. Try it!


Mihl said...

This post was so inspiring! I need to order some gluten flour, because I love making seitan myself, too.

P.S. I moved my blog to wordpress, it's now

vanessa said...

looks delicious, i just brought home this cook book, but haven't made anything from it yet. you just inspired me :)