Monday, August 11, 2008

What does an unemployed vegan do?

Cooks and bakes to her heart's content!

Well that, and does reading for the actual enjoyment of it, rather than for class.

And jobhunts.

Anyway, foodporn! I've been making enough vegan yumminess lately that I thought I'd sidetrack from my schedule of stuff I had planned to post about and just show you the pretties instead:

Lentils & rice with caramelized onions and spiced pita crisps (Vcon)
Lentils & rice with caramelized onions with spiced pita crisps (VegaNOMNOMNOMicon, heh)

I made the pita crisps with garam masala sprinkled on top. First time trying it - I have decided it is the best spice blend EVER invented. We're BFFs now. Also this meal = HEAVEN. The smell of roasting vidalia onions stayed in my house for hours, and both JP and I were salivating buckets when the first whiffs came out of the oven. The onions end up so sweet and juicy and with delightful caramelized crispity bits that made my tastebuds sing. Wonderful Indian comfort food. I made it with green lentils because that was what I had, I'd like to try again with red, which are more creamy when cooked.

Herb-roasted potatoes (VwaV)
Herb roasted potatoes (Vegan with a Vengeance)

Basically a much smaller batch of the potatoes that Kelly makes for breakfast all the time. Very yum. Purple potatoes have a lovely earthy flavor that roasting complements. Yummy with chipotle hot sauce and Follow Your Heart sour cream.

Zucchini muffins (JoVB)
Zucchini muffins (Joy of Vegan Baking)

Best thing about moving back to California = being near to my grandma's and mom's gardens! The zucchini are packed with flavor, and make these already yummy muffins taste even better. I added a full cup of raisins instead of raisins AND nuts. Not healthy at all, but oh so good. I think we both ate like three in one hour's time.

Pureed chickpea pasta sauce with fresh herbs
Pureed chickpea pasta with fresh herbs (Vive le Vegan!)

Yummy creamy basic pasta sauce, which we dressed up with finely chopped kale and red pepper flakes one night, and fresh tomato slices another. Delicious.

Mac Daddy (Vcon)
Mac daddy (Veganomicon)

Pretty much the best vegan mac n cheese recipe I've tried yet (yes, I have a list, and I'm working on it). We did the mac n greens variation and added kale ("KAAAALE!" says the hippie gourmet from PBS). SO GOOD. Wonderful for eating while sitting on the couch and wearing sweatpants, drinking a beer, and watching Time Bandits.

Next up: all about the Gravenstein apple, and why it rocks my world hardcore.

Oh and by the way, the other sisterly half of the blog has returned from vacation so you'll be seeing less of my ugly mug and more of her cute one soon. :3 In addition to this, Kelly and I now live about half an hour away from each other, so you'll see a lot more collaberative cooking fun! Yaaaaay, says the internet!


Mihl said...

So cool that you live closer to your sister now!
All your food looks so yummy, I can't decide where to start! Mac Daddy sounds awesome, I have to try it and the basic creamy pasta sauce looks good!
Why are those apples called Gravenstein?

Kumudha said...

So many delicious vegan dishes!

Erin said...

This unemployed vegan is staying in a house with no baking supplies! It only makes me want to bake more.

Both of those pastas look soooo good.

VeganCowGirl said...

Ding Dong! Those potatoes look amazing...the lentils do as well, but lentils of almost ALL varieties (except a few really yummy ones) make my tummy ache for EVER.

Great post.

pixiepine said...

The Pureed chickpea pasta with fresh herbs looks awesome. Gonna try that one tonight :)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

This post has made me very hungry...