Sunday, July 20, 2008

We're not dead

Hey y'all. You're possibly wondering where in the hell we went. Kelly's been busy balancing a new job and school, and I've been in Germany working in an archaeological dig for the last four weeks (I'm in Berlin at the moment, typing this from the lobby of my hostel, I'm in the 'Schland for another week). Hopefully you enjoyed the guest entry from our wheat-intolerant comrade, and there will be more of those in the future from Mark, and also entries about vegan homebrewing from JP.

So don't fret! We'll be back soon. I'll have a mammoth entry about traveling and and being vegan in Germany, complete with a special appearance from the lovely and talented Mihl from Seitan is My Motor. There will be anecdotes about cooking for 15 omnis (plus one other vegan and a vegetarian and a lactose intolerant pescatarian), the wonders of Brotaufstrich, some vegan/omni discussion that I found interesting, and much raving about Cafe Zest in Leipzig.

After that will be some reviews of veg cafes in Berkeley, as JP and I are moving there at the beginning of August! We'll be completely skint afterwards, but that's what parents are for, right? (IE, treating their lovely and talented daughters to vegan food.)

And somewhere in there will be some recipes from My Sweet Vegan by Hannah Kaminsky, which I got a chance to look through when I was visiting Mihl and have decided that I MUST purchase as soon as I set foot back in Portland. The Herbivore folks are going to be startled when I zoom in on the book, babble incoherently about the Mocha Devastation Cake, throw money on the counter, and leave with it clutched to my bossom. Yes, it is that amazing.

Can't wait to get back and get back to blogging and catch up on all your blogs! Hope everyone's having a lovely summer!

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Mihl said...

I brought some popcorn :)