Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vegan trilobites?!

But I thought they were detritus feeders?! Badum *ksh*.

They're in mating pairs, like horseshoe crabs!

Haha. Geology brings out the nerd in me (...not that it wasn't fully out in the first place). I stumbled across a recipe on the PPK for veganized trilobite cookies the day before my last GEOL 431 (Invertebrate Paleontology) lab. There's only three of us in the class, plus the professor, plus the awesome graduate teaching fellow Christine, so I decided to make cookies.

For anyone who doesn't know, trilobites are fossil arthropods that lived during the paleozoic, and are pretty awesome. They have funny lobed bodies and big heads and primitive eyes. I think they're so awesome I have a tattoo of one. I win the trilobite-liking game. Anyway.

I was all amped up to make these too, because as you can see from the recipe, it uses a cookie dough press/frosting gun, which I own! My grandma randomly gave me one before I was vegan, which I thanked her for and promptly thought, "Shah, like, I'll never use this." Since then however it has saved my ass several times during frosting emergencies and I've come to love it.

However, mine is small enough and crappy enough to be good for frosting and ONLY frosting, as I found out. The dough is thick enough that it kept popping the top off and basically not doing anything I wanted. So I basically rolled the dough into little oblong balls, pressed them into a roughly ovalish, trilobite-ish shape. I pressed ridges into them with a fork, using the peanut butter cookie method but only in one direction. Then I used a knife to make the three lophs, sprinkled them with purple sugar sprinkles, and baked.

The chocolate was a pain in the ass. I didn't have any semisweet and had no money to buy any (welcome to the life a student). So I threw together 8 oz of chocolate from a ragtag assemblage (get it, assemblage? Geology joke! Wah wah wah...) of vegan dark chocolate bars I had and melted them. They were REALLY thick though - not suitable for dipping trilobite heads in! So I added a little soymilk. BAD IDEA. The chocolate got super grainy so instead of dipping in chocolate I was kind of scooping and mushing the chocolate onto their heads. I used heart shaped sprinkles for eyes, and into the fridge they go! The chocolate ended up tasting SUPER yummy and creamy though. Hmm.

The cookies tasted FABULOUS. Very buttery, almost like shortbread. O_o I was impressed, and so was everyone who ate them (all omnis except for one vegetarian). Make them to win over that geology geek you have a crush on!


Trilobite said...

Hey, that's cool! I never knew there were vegan ones too! Truely, the internet is amazing.

Anyway, I love the cookies, and the tattoo, I'm quite the trilobite fanatic myself. I run a trilobite-themed store, myself.

Vheck it out at www.cafepress.com/trilobite, or check out my trilobite blog!

e said...

OMG when did you start this blog and why didn't I know about it before?

It caused me to say "OMG" in joy. That's a pretty major accomplishment and you both ought to be proud.

Hi Meg! Hi Kelly!