Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Favorite Santa Cruz Silly Yak

Or, Kelly and Mark's Adventures in Gluten-free Vegan Cooking!

So, recently I went down south to visit my good friend Mark in Santa Cruz. He promised that if I cooked some food for him, he'd buy the ingredients. The fun part? I'm vegan, and Mark is a celiac, so naturally, we wanted to make ALL of our food gluten-free and vegan for the entire weekend. It means substituting even more ingredients than usual (although, thank god, things like EnerG egg replacer are vegan already) but we chose Pad Thai for the main dinner dish. Aside from that, there are some marvelous places to eat in Santa Cruz like Jumping Monkey which I must recommend a thousand times over. They have like 5 things on the menu but most of them are gluten- and animal-free. They also have desserts and brownies with labels that say if they're vegan or celiac friendly. We also went to Saturn Cafe which is a great Veg hangout, although not so great for celiacs - Mark had some badass corn nachos, though! So, here's Mark and I with our VERY creative rendition of Isa's Brooklyn Pad Thai from VwaV. :) Besides the vegan riblet sandwich I had at Saturn Cafe, the both of us ate vegan AND gluten free the entire weekend! Go us!

I'm going to harass Mark about doing some guest columns about the gluten-free aspect of cooking, so that'll be way cool! He's a smart cookie.


Mihl said...

Looks like you had a great time cooking vegan and gluten free.

veganomnom said...

Yeah! Thanks! :D It was a fun challenge, but not too difficult. It's like figuring out a puzzle ;)

Sway and Ace said...

Hey, I'm Ace. I wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our blog page. I absolutely love it!! And I wanted to tell you that. So, thanks again!!