Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So after discovering a ton of great vegan blogs that I hadn't seen before, I thought I'd post a couple of them, seeing as how I love having new stuff to read when I wake up in the morning. And reading like 25 ensures that there's always something new!

Get Sconed! is written by Jess from Portland, OR, which is excellent because I'm only 2 hours away and get to hear about all sorts of neat Portland shit that I wouldn't have otherwise (Chinese dinosaurs at OMSI, anyone?). AND she's testing for Isa Chandra-Moskowitz's new brunch cookbook ('Crack of Noon', tee hee!), so there's all sorts of yummy tantalizing hints of what's to come. Her food is just really damn yummy-looking, it's the kind of food you want to come home to from a long day on campus. It inspires me to get off my ass and cook instead of plopping on the couch with a sandwich and watching American Idol.

Guilty (Vegan) Pleasures is written by my friend from UO's Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals group, Laura! The premise: "This blog is named "Guilty (Vegan) Pleasures" because, despite being vegan, I tend to eat a lot of fattening foods." Eeeeeeexcellent. There really shouldn't be anyone left anywhere who thinks vegans eat twigs and rocks, but apparently there are, and Laura's blog defies that! Rarr! Also look at the quiche, oh my god the quiche. Very excited to make quichey goodness now.

Last but not least, Hezbollah Tofu is a cleverly-named blog dedicated to veganizing Anthony "I have a stick up my ass a mile wide and compare vegans to terrorists" Bourdain's recipes! I love it! Fabulous! There's clafoutis! I didn't even know what clafoutis is and now I'm dying to make it! Personally I'm a fan of anything that shuts up everyone who cries about French cooking being the alpha and omega of cuisine and that it's impossible to veganize and wah wah wah. Would you like some soy cheese with that WHINE? I'm also a fan of anyone giving Bourdain a virtual firm kick to the kneecaps, so booya, Hezbollah Tofu, booya.

We're going to be throwing up some links to these and our other favorite vegan blogs on the right here soon. Got a blog we'd like? Email us! sistersvegan@gmail.com


Scott said...

I admittedly don't know exactly when you switched over, but I really like the new site design! A very nice (and professional-looking) step up from most traditional Blogspot blogs.

K Taco said...

A fellow UO beginning vegan? Yay!!

I just started my vegan blog: http://tacosvegankitchen.blogspot.com/
and stumbled upon yours in a comment you left on veganyumyum's recent post.