Friday, February 1, 2008

We're on!

Oh my heck, Bryan is going to put us on! :D This is especially exciting for me because that site was one of the first that I stumbled onto after going vegetarian in April of last year (after picking up a, gasp, PETA veg starter guide).

About a month after I went vegetarian, Nina Planck wrote that inflammatory and completely unscientific article about how children (and ultimately adults) cannot thrive on a vegan diet (this all from a woman hawking bacon and butter as healthy in her book). The outrage that that article generated in the vegan community and the subsequent angry blog entries, many of which were listed on VegBlogs, led me eventually to Vegan Freak Radio, which was one of the most essential resources I had as far as encouragement to go vegan!

VegBlogs is a great tool for tracking blog entries from many different blogs, including some of my favorites, such as Dreena Burton's, Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen, and Taste Better. I'm fogetting a bunch more but I'm at school and can't look at my bookmarks, awww. There's something for everybody, is my point.

So, ummm, where was I, it's lunchtime and I haven't eaten yet. Ah yes, VegBlogs, thanks for leading me to veganism, and thanks for having us! We'll get a link on the side there ASAP.


Bryan Rathouz said...

Wow, thanks for such nice post about VegBlogs! I'm really happy to include your blog on the tracker. :-)

veganfreak said...

glad that veganfreakradio was able to be helpful! ;)

Monika K said...

I totally dig your design layout - great site!