Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thai Coconut Corn Stew

I should be reading about the origins of European agriculture. But I'm not, bwa ha ha!

I bring you foodpr0nz instead.

I'm not a big soup fan. It's still pretty cold in Eugene though, and since we keep our thermostat at OFF, the apartment is chilly. I wanted something warm. Since I had everything I needed except the corn and red bell pepper, I figured it was a good day to make the Thai Coconut Corn Stew from Eat Drink & Be Vegan.

The soup was surprisingly easy to make, most of the time spent making this was prep (cutting and measuring out veggies for the most part). I don't have an immersion blender, so instead of blending everything in the pot, I let it cool for a bit and then put it in my regular blender, stopping to let them steam out every once in a while.

The soup tastes EXCELLENT. It's sweet from the corn and coconut milk and red bell pepper, but the garlic and spices and lemongrass give it a spicy kick. Very creamy, with nice chunks of corn and somewhat crunchy bell pepper. The cilantro (I love it) finishes it perfectly. Another winner from Dreena Burton.

I guess I should scamper off to finish reading before lecture, since afterwards I'm going to a 'Make a Valentine for Planet Earth!' event. :3

Unrelated - big props to the protestors in Berkeley on Tuesday. Peace everywhere for all animals, nonhuman and human. Good luck tomorrow!


mlheran said...

Now I know how I can use that can of coconut milk that's been sitting in my cupboard forever, yayz! :B

herbstsonne said...

You can get the recipe from mom. ;) She has the cookbook!